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As a new NGO our client initially wanted to develop stakeholder understanding around the complimentary role pharmacists have in the delivery of health outcomes in the community. Later as the brand became more established and our client secured more health delivery contracts with the local DHB, they needed help designing service delivery for their 37 independent community pharmacies.


We designed and implemented three strategies to take MCPG forward:
  1. Refreshed the brand based on a clear positioning strategy and consistently applied this across all elements including online, print and public relations.
  2. Designed a multi-functional website which provided secure avenues for pharmacists to connect with each other and access online resources & tools to deliver the contracted services; and public spaces for consumers to access information.
  3. Raised the public profile of the NGO by creating branded retail point of sale material, attending community events and entering regional health awards.


The Midcentral Community Pharmacy Group (MCPG) receives ongoing positive comments about the health programmes they’re involved in from community stakeholders and award organisers.
They have met or exceeded all delivery targets and have secured new contracts for further programmes that are positively contributing to the health outcomes of the community.
Pharmacists, through MCPG, are also included in the consultation with health professionals by the PHO and DHB around health pathways.