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Our client wanted to launch the first of a range of subscription cloud based service offerings for Chartered Accountants to use with their customers. While they’d engaged overseas developers to build the online engine, they needed to design a customer centred user interface with branding that can be applied to new products within the suite over time.


After considering how customers would use the initial and future services, a brand hierarchy was designed. This guided our design team in the creation of brands for the new organisation and its suite of products. Working with the developer to apply the brands, we recommended changes to enhance the user interface of the first product so that it was more customer centred. To support the launch we commissioned a photo shoot to ensure the imagery matched the brand positioning, and we designed launch collateral.


The first service, ProtectIT, was launched in July 2012 to very positive feedback from the target audience. Sales of this service to Chartered Accountants have grown, and the adaptable nature of their branding is set to support LogicalCA’s growth into the future.